International Callback Anywhere in the World.

Experience Great Calling Rates No Matter Where You Are in the World.

Global Access Callback is for customers living outside the United States, or traveling customers to countries with no direct access numbers. Gan access to low international phone rates by initiating all calls in the United States. There is no need to change your existing long distance provider. Global Access Callback is fast, easy, and dramatically lowers expenditures.

The entire process only adds about ten seconds to normal dialing and provides the caller with super low international long distance calling rates.

You can also trigger a callback using your Internet browser, by sending an email, or by sending an SMS message on your cellular phone. GlobalCallback is a great solution for mobile phones with free incoming calls!

Same Low Rates, No Matter What Time You Call!


Voice Web Callback help Sales

Talk Live to Your Web Customers with WebCallback.

Your corporate website is your channel to connect directly with both current and prospective customers. When contemplating a purchase through the web, many visitors may want to speak directly to a live person to get the assurance that your company is reputable or the product they are looking for is available. Studies have shown that these customers may be up to 50% more likely to purchase through the web if they are able to speak to a representative at the click of a mouse.

WebCallback provides a strategic solution for your website to enable you to close that sale or save that customer, in turn increasing the overall value and effectiveness of your corporate website. WebCallback puts you in immediate phone contact with web visitors by using the traditional telephone network, not VOIP technology, ensuring high quality and ubiquitous telephone access.

WebCallback Can Help You:

  • Close sales through increased "impulse buying"
  • Support your online customers who need human interaction
  • Direct calls to the right people or departments.
  • Attract international customers who cannot dial US toll free numbers.

WebCallback Features

  • High Capacity – Place hundreds of simultaneous calls to your call center.
  • Whisper Messages – Notifies your staff of an incoming WebCallback-generated call.
  • Delayed Callback – Customers can defer calls if their phone line is occupied by internet usage
  • Easy Website Integration – Use WebCallback while maintaining your website’s look and feel (see live samples in right sidebar above).
  • Access Restrictions – Restrict calls based on their origin or block numbers.

Takes Only Minutes to Add To Your Website. Sign Up Today!

WebCallback works with existing phone and call center systems and can be added to your corporate website in only a matter of minutes! For more information on pricing, technical requirements, or to sign up for WebCallback today, please contact us.

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