IDEAL CALLING CARD is a discount calling card that offers great savings on domestic and international long distance phone calls to over 80 countries around the world. Unlike most prepaid phone cards, with IDEAL CALLING CARD you are only charged for the actual minutes you use. There is no need to worry about "recharging" your card or adding additional minutes. Your IDEAL CALLING CARD usage is conveniently charged to your credit card every month.

Affordable Domestic and International Calling Call friends, family and colleagues from the U.S. for as low as 4.4 cents per minute from any touch tone phone. View super low international rates here.


  • Toll-free access from any phone in over 80 countries.
  • Card is rechargeable online - once you activate it you recharge it forever.
  • Conference-calling capability for up to 16 people.
  • 24-hour customer service.


  • Call the US from most countries for less than $0.20 per minute.
  • 6-second increment billing, 30 second minimum.
  • NO connection charges, not even on calls originating overseas!
  • Card is active for 6 months from date of first use


  • A convenient, one-time, charge will be made to your credit card!
  • Purchase $10 prepaid phone cards and recharge as needed.
Online account management to view call records and recharge your card.

Say Goodbye to Unused Prepaid Minutes

If you are fed up with the high rates and the tricks of most calling cards companies who get your money and disappear, only to reappear with another name? Zenov Inc. will offer you the IDEAL Domestic and international Calling "VIRTUAL" Card from any Phone (cell/mobile, home, office, hotel or borrowed phone) to call anywhere in the world at anytime. Verify your rates and check your calls on the web.

Get only $20.00 account now.
Recharge your account at any time after attesting to the facts of Virtual IDEAL Calling Card.

Recharge Option: Yes
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Conference Call: Yes
Speed Dial: Yes
Callback Follow Me: Yes
Global Access: Yes
Minute Rounding: Yes
Maintenance Fee: Yes

You can provide service of International calling on your cell, just forward to us your cell phone number. Make international calls and then view your call details on web

Purchase. Print. Call. Recharge.

Buy your "VIRTUAL" prepaid phone card and begin making discount phone calls today! Recharge your prepaid phone cards online. Print out your Ideal calling card and view your call details online.

Affordable Domestic and International Calling

No more trips to the convenience store!

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