Empower Your Group Productivity with Zenov Global Conference.

You use the Internet for everything else, why not use the power of web to keep your team's productivity high or to demo your products or services to prospects over the web?

Zenov Global Conference has all of the tools you need to make every meeting as productive as possible, and all of the tools for the ultimate in online collaboration.

Featured Benefits
"Reservationless" Audio Conferencing - available for up to 96 participants  
Scheduled Audio Conferencing - available for up to 2,000 participants  
Web Conferencing - share presentation slides and other images online to enrich your conference call.  
Desktop Application Sharing - show applications on your desktop to online meeting participants, including spreadsheets, Word documents, and your browser in order to conduct "web tours."  
Presentation Sharing - share PowerPoint presentation slides and other graphic images using presentation caching to speed slide delivery to meeting participants.  
Meeting Management - manage your meetings with simple online commands - dial out to an individual or a group of participants from an easy-to-use phone book, mute participants on entry for larger meetings, or mute individual lines as needed during your meeting -- and more.  
Record/Playback On-Demand - on-demand recording features that let you save synchronized audio/visual content for playback at your convenience. You can jump to specific slides in the recording with synchronized audio/web playback.  
Chat - communicate with all or selected participants during the presentation.  
Q&A - manage questions and answers during your meeting.communicate with all or selected participants during the presentation.  
Easy to Use - no reservation or advance set-up is required. Simple point and click user interface.  
Reliable - media gateway architecture gives you carrier-class audio quality synchronized with high-quality playback for your presentation.  
Security Protection - maintain the integrity and privacy of your meeting with optional passwords for conference and record playback access, standard SSL encryption for Chairperson and participants and record playback notification and reports.  
24x7 Flexibility, Convenience, and Support - create and start meetings on the fly, supported by 24 x 7 worldwide customer care team.  
Reporting - Get an instant report of who attended your live web conference. Real-time reporting of who accessed and played back your recordings.  

Great International Internet Access for The World Business Traveler.

GlobalPass is a worldwide Internet service that offers dial-up, broadband, and wi-fi access in over 40,000 access points in 150 countries.

With mobile employees making their way from here to there-and everywhere in between today-global connectivity equals high availability and increased workforce productivity. Make sure your nomadic employees are outfitted with GlobalPass, so they can get the connections they need from virtually everywhere they roam.

GlobalPass integrates more than 300 provider networks into a single service covering over 40,000 access points today.

You Only Pay For What You Use

As with other GlobalPhone services, with GlobalPass you only pay for the time that you use the service. Use your account as much, or as little, as you need to. It's a great insurance policy for that last minute emergency business trip.

Experience Convenient Billing Options

Perfect for the world traveler, your credit card will be charged at the end of each month for actual usage and you will receive a detailed monthly statement of your Internet usage via email. Also, as a GlobalPass customer, you'll also have 24/7 online access to your billing statements - anytime you need them!

Getting Started is Easy!

To get started, just sign up for the GlobalPass service and download and install the free client software. The GlobalPass client software contains an international phone book with the global access phone numbers and login information. This allows you to easily select the country and city you are in, and select the local access point of your choice to connect to the Internet. It's that easy!

New Global Internet customers click here to sign up.
Current Global Internet customers click here.

* $2.00 monthly minimum charge. View rates for more information.

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