QATesting - IT Quality Assurance Testing Management

Unlike most IT consulting organization, we can find the best IT consulting company that fit your request from the numerous IT consulting outfit under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We offer general consulting and services in Training with Recruiting and Software utilization in these areas of:

     • Performance & Automation Testing.
     • Quality Assurance & Configuration Management.
      Process Improvement of Client/Server Systems.
      E-Commerce Testing, Test Planning & Design.

We offer strong management delivery of Project providing high quality, cost effective and timely solutions.
Work Flow Analysis and Design expertise in work flow analysis where the design provided is organized with automated business processes to achieve the use of software based rule sets. The integration of work flow rules with QATesting's enterprise document imaging solution, allows organizations to improve their business process thereby gaining efficiency while lowering costs.

QATesting's fundamental innovative method for requirements analysis is the belief that an organization's operational expertise should be the focus of requirements discovery and documentation.

We have significant expertise in numerous programming languages, our Software Engineers provide timely, cost effective solutions to the most challenging business problems.

We offer Image Conversions services that allows organizations to protect their repository of images while taking advantage of continuously improving Document Imaging Technology.

We offer Training courses and Documentation specialists to help clients quickly learn and efficiently use our products. Quality Assurance is developed are implemented and maintain quality systems processes are a must for all project.

Zenov Inc. offers consulting and services in the following areas:

Zenov Consulting Services:

     • Consulting
           • Performance Testing : "Is the              process of finding out how the              response time each transaction              takes in the application under              user load", it's also called              Benchmarking.
           • Test Automation : "Is the              unattended execution of test              cases and reporting the results              using specific test tools".
           • Quality Assurance              Management :
           • Configuration Management
     • Software Testing
           • Client/Server Systems
           • E-Commerce Testing
           • Test Planning & Design
           • Process Improvement
     • Training: End-User Training
     • Recruiting

     Service includes the following:

     •  -Tool Recommendation
     •  -Installing automated test tool
     •  -Setting up applications under test
     •  -Generating automated test plans
     •  -Developing automated test cases
     •  -Test execution and reporting
     •  -Training & knowledge transfer

     Implementation Services:

     • Integration Design
     • Software Integration
     • End-User Training
     • Application Consulting

     More Consulting Services:

     • eBusiness Strategy/Process        Design
     • Enterprise Resource Planning        (ERP)
     • Enterprise Application        Integration
     • Rapid Design Center (RDC)        Workshops
     • Database Performance
     • Customer Facing eBusiness
     • Supply Chain Improvement

     Project Management:

     Strong management skills and      years of Project Management      experience provide the framework      within which high quality, cost      effective, timely solutions are      delivered.

     Work Flow Analysis and      Design:

     Zenov Inc 's expertise in work      flow analysis and design provide      organizations with automated      business processes achieved via      the use of software based rule      sets. The integration of work flow      rules with Zenov Inc 's enterprise      document imaging solution,      allows organizations to improve      their business process thereby      gaining efficiency while lowering      costs.

    Software Development:

     With significant expertise in      numerous programming languages,      Zenov Inc Software Engineers      provide timely, cost effective      solutions to the most challenging      business problems.

     Software Requirements      Analysis:

     Fundamental to Zenov Inc's      innovative method of requirements      analysis is the belief that an      organization's operational expertise      should be the focus of requirements      discovery and documentation.

     Image Conversions:

     Zenov Inc 's conversion services      allow organizations to protect their      repository of images while taking      advantage of continuously improving      Document Imaging Technology.

     Documentation and Training:

     Zenov Inc 's Training and      Documentation specialists offer      training courses and      documentation to help your      organization quickly learn and      efficiently use our products.

     Quality Assurance:

     Zenov Inc can develop Quality      Assurance Plan, implement and      maintain quality system processes.