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VoIP (Voice over IP (Internet Protocol)) is a technology emerged into the Telecommunication Industry. This technology will substitute most of the presently exercised ones and creat a local present which was the main problem for the Call-Back companies. On behave of our technological partners and other VoIP Gateway node owners, we welcome private partners or companies that wish to extend their business and save money on international calls. We are building a global communication network of inclusion and you are invited to participate, ISP or capable individuals are very welcome.
The major reason would be not only to built in efficiency (caring on multiple simultaneous connections) but also, the huge business flexibility (in terms of rates, and reduced dependence from the big phone/data carriers).
You will become a VoIP provider in your particular country and we will give you international Phone to Phone (P2P) access on our off-net servers based in Canada and USA. Your customers will gain access from their local phone network via your local server node.
We will support you with valuable tools needed to run your operation. You will be able to:

  • provide your customers with P2P international long distance service
  • establish your own rate lists to all countries for your customers
  • build your own local marketing and sale strategy
You will have a choice to sell traffic on discount rates toward your countries (respectively to your local nodes) with your agents based in multinational countries like USA and Canada. In this case we could provide your customers with in-countries local access numbers to use as entry points into our mutual prospective VoIP network. We would explore other VoIP future business applications jointly. If you are capable and have any interest in our proposal, please contact me at VoIP@zenovinc.com or just click below to send me an email.

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