VoIP Tone

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Zenov's innovative partner VOIP termination service drastically lowers the cost of international calls and opens exciting new opportunities for our customers and agents. You can call to any other phone in the world at unbelievably low rates.

The IP phone service can be configured for small businesses, large corporations prepaid phone card companies, Internet cafés and call shops and hotels.

Using a small device the size of an external modem, customers can send phone calls directly over the Internet to our Zenov Global Phone (ZGPS) switch, eliminating the cost of the call from overseas. The ZGPS switch acts as a gateway and processes your call to the destination phone number over the public telephone network. Zenov's VOIP solution creates a high quality telephone- to-telephone connection just like you use today and is simple to set up.

VOIP termination works well with any Internet connection including Dialup, Wireless, Cable, DSL, E1 or T1. It also works well over VSAT satellite links.

To order your VOIP solution today, select the Hardware that best fits your needs and simply fax in the Order Form to get started. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us and let us know your requirements.

With GlobalTone Business VOIP, You Can:

  • Experience up to 40% savings compared to traditional phone systems

  • Connect remote workers and branch offices to the same phone system.

  • Offer advanced VoIP call management features to your end users

  • GlobalTone Business VOIP also makes Moves, adds, and changes made simple through browser-based admin tools.

>> Additional Benefits

GlobalTone is a business-grade hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution that provides your organization with a low-cost, high-reliability alternative to costly PBXs, key systems, or Centrex lines. GlobalTone uses the power of IP telephony running over your existing Internet connection to pull together all your employees into a single, centralized "virtual PBX" with a robust, low-cost enterprise-class voice solution.

GlobalTone is available through a variety of convenient service and calling plans for organizations of various sizes - small businesses, corporations, non-profits, or government agencies.

Learn more about these individual GlobalTone service packages here:

Basic Plan, Enhanced Plan, Premium Plan.

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